Why Song Identifier Apps?

So you just heard a beautiful song on the radio or in a public place, and you instantly fall in love with it, thinking, “Oh My God! What is this song called?” You probably have to memorize some lyrics off the song and proceed to Google. But most times, you forget the lyrics before you even get the chance to Google it. You would then have to come to the sad realization that you may never get to hear the song again. Worry not, as song identifier apps are here to make the process of identifying songs way easier.  With the advent of the smartphone age, identifying a song has never been any easier. Whether new or old songs, song identifier apps can provide you with very detailed information about a song, and so much more.

What are Song Identifier Apps?

what song is this

Song Identifier Apps are apps that help your device automatically detect whatever music is playing in your environment. The Apps provide you with detailed information, such as the song title, song artiste, record label, song lyrics and purchase/streaming link. Recently, some song identifier apps are now able to auto-detect movies and TV shows, offering even more value. Some even offer several social functions, such as integration with popular Social Media platforms, so you get to share songs you discover with friends. Many song identifier apps are free to download and use. Song identifier apps help you avoid all “Oh, what song is this?” moments.

How do Song Identifier Apps Work

So you might be wondering about the technical intricacies of these song identifier apps. How could an app possibly discern what song is playing now? Well, song identifier apps work with an online database via a cloud-based connectivity. The first step is to sample the music to be auto-detected, and then the app proceeds to make a digital fingerprint of the song. Thereafter, the app runs the digital fingerprint against the online database. Once a match is found, the detailed information of the song is returned to the user.

Best Song Identifier Apps for Android

Having deciphered the complexities involved in song identifier apps, let us proceed to identify the best song identifier apps that run on the Android platform. There are several song identifier apps, each offering varying services, so it might be pretty tough deciding which one will suit your need. Here, we have listed the best song identifier apps, and have comprehensively listed out the capabilities of each one of them. Let us list out the apps that will stop you from asking “What song is this” every now and then.

1. Shazam

what song is thisThis is arguably the most popular song identifier app around right now. Shazam can identify any song you are playing within seconds. Also, you are provided with the song lyrics, video link on YouTube, and a link to buy the song on Amazon. For the social ones, Shazam provides full integration with Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and Spotify. Furthermore, you can follow your favorite artistes and easily see whatever they post on the app. With Shazam, you no longer have to think, “oh my, what song is this?”

Download Shazam

2. MusixMatch

what song is thisWhilst musixmatch may be popular for its lyrics recognition features, it can also recognize music on the go. The app provides details such as the artiste, the song title and the song lyrics. The app also has a music player with a beautiful user interface. Musixmatch is available in more than 32 languages, so you can detect and enjoy diverse music without any hitch.

Download MusixMatch

3. SoundHound

what song is thisThis is another very popular song identifier app. Soundhound not only allows you to identify songs playing around you, but it also possesses an advanced voice recognition feature. With SoundHound, you can hum or sing a song, and it identifies it, even if the original song is not playing around you. This innovative and unique feature makes SoundHound a force to be reckoned with. Now, you can just hum what part of a song you remember, instead of asking everyone around you, “Hey, what’s the name of this song?”

Download SoundHound

4. TrackID

what song is thisCreated by Sony, this app quickly provides you with all the information you need about a song. TrackID provides you with the name of the song, the song artiste, access to music videos, and the biography of the artiste. You can also save your searches and listen late using streaming services. And for the sociable ones, you can share your searches with friends on Facebook.

Download TrackID

5. Sound Search for Google Play

what song is thisThis is a widget provided by Google that helps you identify whatever song is playing around you. This tool is very useful because the widget can be fitted on your lockscreen, so you do not have to unlock your phone to perform a search. There is also the capability to sync your searches across multiple Android devices. You can also purchase identified songs directly from Google Play. Sweet, right?

Download Sound Search

6. MusicID

what song is thisMusic ID is another notable song identifier app. With this app, you recognize songs the tap of a button. You are then provided with information such as song title, artiste, album art and similar song suggestions. There is also a feature to add notes to your searches, so you get to remember when and where you heard the songs. Quit asking everyone “What is this song”, and start using MusicID.

Download MusicID

7. Song Identify

what song is thisSong Identify helps you know what song is playing around you. It can be integrated with various apps, such as Musixmatch, SoundHound and Shazam. Another feature is that you can identify, straight from your smartwatch, any song that is playing on your smartphone.

Download Song Identify

8. Genius

what song is thisGenius not only provides the song name, artiste and lyrics, but it also provides annotations of the lyrics. Genius can be used with Soundcloud, Spotify and Pandora. With this genius app, your moments of asking “what song is this?” will be gone.

Download Genius

9. Bird Song IDwhat song is this

Bird lovers will totally love this app, as it provides facts about a bird just by listening to it sing.

Download Bird Song ID

10. AnySong Chord Recognition

what song is thisThis app identifies songs by guitar chords. Within seconds of play of any song, this app has the capability to identify the song by guitar chords. The guitar chords are extracted by the app and are shown on the screen while the song plays on.

Download AnySong Chord Recognition

The Future of Song Identifier Apps

The future of song identifier apps is one to look forward to. As mentioned earlier, some of these apps have started identifying movies and TV shows. Hence, the potential for these apps is great. Who knows what these apps could start identifying soon. Now that we do not ask “what is this song” anymore, maybe we want to start recognizing football games from just from the commentary? Or we want to automatically get details of speakers just from the audio of their speeches? Only time will tell what is coming next.


Song identifier apps definitely make listening to music better. There are a plethora of them, and now that you know the capability of each one of them, you will be able to decide which one suits your needs. You will no longer have to ask “what is this song” or “What’s the name of this song” whenever you hear a new song around you. Music is life, and with tons of beautiful songs to be heard, you surely do not want to let anyone slip away.