The Internet has a lot of resources just waiting for you to discover and enjoy the experience. There is a huge collection of music usually protected by creative commons license allowing the user to copy, listen, download, share or burn to a compact disk (CD). There are many apps, tools, and websites that offer mp3 music download free services, but in this article, we look at some of the best and essential selection that gives free access to thousands of your favorite music tracks to listen to and download at no cost.

Free Mp3 Download Sites

Best Free Mp3 Download Sites 2017

1. (

BeeMP3 is for mp3 music download. The site is a dedicated collection of any music you may need allowing you to manage online audio and download at your own convenience. It also allows you to listen to all your favorite mp3 songs before you download to your android device without any charges. BeeMP3 recommends new music weekly and also indexes some of the top tracks from the popular hip-hop, indie, and many other styles. You can search for songs using track name, album or artist name. Keep checking the site to enjoy your favorite music.

2. eMP3 Downloads (  

This is one of the finest free mp3 download sites to find the music you like in a matter of seconds. eMP3 Downloads is one of the world’s biggest collection of free mp3 music in almost all languages. This site presents song to you based on artist’s name, track name, album name or movie name and features top 10, popular, fresh, featured and worst allowing you to make your selection easily. Some of the featured albums include US top albums and Bollywood albums. This is certainly a website to bookmark if you are a lover of music looking for the best experience.

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3. MP3Raid (

Mp3Raid classifies and organizes songs that are posted on the internet legally. It hosts over a million free mp3 music for free download making the site one of the top search engine websites to click for the best music results. Since all the music posted here have a legal right, you can choose to listen to them online or download for offline play. Additionally, you can go ahead and repost the music on your social media platforms for free. However, you can use the mp3 downloader for albums at a cost of $0.99. When you open Mp3Raid site, you will see popular song making it easy to pick songs that are most listened to and downloaded by other users. It has a search button for quick searches over the internet.

4. Jamendo (

Jamendo has more than 470000 music tracks available for free download. Most of its content is covered by a creative commons license which gives users the freedom to freely access a music downloader site and share of experience with friends and others.

5. Mp3Skull (

If you are new to music, I would recommend this site because it has search buttons dedicated for English and International songs as well as another search button exclusively for Indian songs. For ease of access, you will find daily downloads listed as English top 100 songs, Portuguese music, and Bollywood music when you open the site. Other than that, there are also quick links to Punjabi, Pakistani, international, English and Portuguese songs among others.

6. ( is easy to use. It has a simple user interface allowing the user to search for songs using the name of track or artist. It also allows online streaming making it easy to listen to your mp3 songs before you hit the music downloader free button to have the songs on your device. All the services here are free and you can share the experience across all social platforms for your friends to enjoy too.

7. Mp3clan ( 

Just like, mp3clan is also very simple and easy to use. It also features a search button, but you can find the top 20 songs, recent live searches, and top 20 albums right when you open the site. You can, however, upgrade at a fee of $4.99 monthly, $14.99 quarterly and $59 annually for unlimited downloads, an ad-free experience, fast download speed, more HQ results and other bonuses. Whether blues, classical, dance, country, electro, hip hop, jazz, latino, pop, R&B, reggae or rock music you want, mp3clan is the site to go to. This is certainly the best music downloader free site you have been looking for.

8. MP3box (

MP3box is unquestionably the largest mp3 music downloader free online directory on the internet. It provides its users the easiest way to search and find the right songs they are looking for whether it is a single track or the entire album. The site allows online streaming of music and mp3 music download, besides, full albums are free. Unlike most mp3 music downloader sites, registration on mp3box is free and gives the user a possibility to create personalized playlists. You need to bookmark this site if you really say you love music.

9. MusicPleer (

For free online music, MusicPleer is definitely one of the best sites. When you open the site you will see recent searches and when you click on each, you find single mp3 music tracks for online streaming or free download. The site is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, you cannot go wrong about while using. Here, you have a free music downloader to use at your own convenience.

10. PureVolume (

PureVolume is one of the best and user-friendly sites with a big collection of music from thousands of free artists. It features a search tool which allows you to freely browse and search music by album, genre, artist or track. The site shows most played tracks and most downloaded songs to guide you on what music to download. PureVolume is a free music downloader site.

11. (

This is another music downloader free websites on this list. Here, you can download free music and listen to any of your preference. You can search the songs using track name, artist or album and choose whether you want to listen to them online or download for offline play. Mp3juices has the best design, simple, easy to use and suitable for mobile phones and PC. It manages its collection of music in 3 categories i.e. fresh, top and now playing.

12. IndiaMP3 (

If you are looking for Indian Movies, Indian POP/Remix, Indian Artists, Old Hindi Songs, Punjabi Bhangra Songs, Indian Ghazals, Telugu & Tamil Songs, Pakistani Albums, Instrumentals, Wedding Songs, Qawalies or Afghan/Pashto Mp3, IndiaMp3 is definitely the site to visit. With millions of mp3 music in its database, you can stream online or download the music of your choice to your android device.

13. Mp3lier (

Mp3lier is yet another awesome music library for users of android devices. It is easy to use and features top 5o artists and top 49 tracks on the home page which give the user easy time and quick access to their favorite mp3 music. It supports more than 7 languages meaning the site is globally recognized for downloading and streaming free mp3 music.

14. ( presents to you what music is being listened to and which parts of the world are listening. It allows you to search and explore all the trendy music by country. This site joins up your listening and sharing experience to the musical word. You can stream millions of mp3 music free and make your favorite list of songs for different occasions such as party, workout, wedding, etc.

15. MP3Fusion (

Mp3Fusion is one of the best sites for to access free mp3 music downloader feature. Through the search button, you can find thousands of audio music with play, download, add to playlist and sharing options. With awesome user interface, you can be sure to get all you need here, whether it’s rock, hip-hop, rock, Indian, country or electronic music among other options.  Like other free mp3 download sites, mp3Fusion lets you listen to tracks before you download ensuring you get exactly what you want.

16. Seekasong (

This site is one of the best free mp3 download sites and lyrics search engine. It hosts over 200000 mp3 music for download and more than 900000 lyrics. You can search for your best music by artist name or track title allowing you to download full albums or single tracks. It also features a chart on the homepage presenting top 20 from different countries. In addition, you can add links to mp3 music on the site for the rest of the world to enjoy. There are two options if you hit the search button, mp3, and lyrics, so after you have entered your favorite song name or artist name, you must specify if you want to search mp3 music or song lyrics.

17. YouTube (

YouTube is definitely the number one website for music download. If you also have the free music converter tool, you can rapidly download millions of songs and convert them to mp3 then listen to them offline. If you have MP3 Boom, you don’t even have to go to YouTube – simply search the song or album using the search box then hit download. There are several YouTube free music downloader apps to use as music downloader free for instance, Freemake YouTube MP3 Boom and YouTube MP3 converter.

18. SoundCloud (

If breaking the law is not your thing, SoundCloud is one of the sites you can visit to download free mp3 music legally. It has a huge collection of remixes, audio tracks, unreleased music, karaoke and much more. However, there are certain songs you can only listen to because of legal issues. To get started, you can sign up on SoundCloud using your existing Facebook or Google plus account.

19. Free Music Archive (

Free Music Archive is yet another site that works as a mp3 downloader for free and legally music and you don’t have to create an account or making a subscription. It’s a freeform radio station and a mix of Creative Commons licenses and a combination of public domain. Like other free mp3 download sites, you can browse music tracks, artists, albums, genres, and download. However, if you want to make your personal collection you need to create an account.

20. BeSonic (

BeSonic requires its users to register on the site before they can get free access to thousands of songs for online streaming and mp3 music download free. Like most free mp3 download sites, it has a search tool that allows you to find your favorite music quickly and easily. The site also features a chart that shows you some of the most popular in your chosen category.

21. SoundClick (

With more than 5 million music tracks in its database, SoundClick has been around since 1997. The user can choose to stream audio music online, download in mp3 format or buy from the SoundClick music store. Although some of the music offered here are not free, there is unlimited music that can be downloaded from this site.

22. NoiseTrade (

NoiseTrade allows you to download unlimited free music albums without any legal restrictions. Artists sign up on NoiseTrade and let other users access their work and creations so that when it’s great, you can share widely and promote to your family and friend. However, for every album you download, you have to enter a zip code and email address and the mp3 files will be downloaded in a ZIP file.

23. Audio Archive (

Audio Archive just like its name is a library of audio and mp3 music hosting more than 2 million free mp3 and audio files. Other than music, its users can also access audiobooks, poetry readings, live music recordings, public affairs and much more. All these are available for free download.

24. (

This is one of the best sites to find free instrumental music particularly best for learners and teachers of musical instruments. The music downloader free collection is only available on your own account. It allows its users to search for music by the instruments name, performer or composer.


Free mp3 download sites are definitely the destination for music lovers because they can be accessed on smartphones, tablets or PC. The sites mentioned above offer user-friendly services and allows for free music download and sharing on social media platforms. Each website has different ratings and features, but these are sampled out as the best for users to download their favorite mp3 files and albums.