Music is food for the soul, but what is food with a bad taste? The same applies to the audio quality and listening experience of music. The human ear is quite sensitive to sound and can easily discern good quality from a bad one. In order to properly enjoy music and harness the immense pleasure that it guarantees, its sound output needs to be fine-tuned.

What is Sound Equalizing?

Sound Equalizing involves the adjustment and tuning of audio properties, to get the best sound for your environment or for the articular music you are listening to. The basis for equalizing is the human ear, hence equalizing involves tweaking the intensity of certain sound frequencies. Different frequencies sound differently to the ear, so tweaking them can ensure a balance in the sound. Given that our environmental variables are always changing, the sound quality will also change. Speakers also come in different shapes and sizes, and will emit different audio qualities. Sound equalizing will ensure there is a balance and quality in the sound we hear, no matter where we are.

How does a Sound Equalizer Work?

equalizer sound booster

As stated earlier, Equalizers control the loudness of certain sound frequencies, modifying them to get the best audio output. Sound Equalizer apps on Android, which do not require root access, rely on modifying the Android Audio Effects class, so as to tweak the BassBoost, Equalizer, PresetReverb, Virtualizer, and Environmental Reverb. Most sound equalizer apps work on Android without requiring root access on the phone. Equalizers work in bands or ranges. Also, good sound systems have a high number of bands, and since each band manages a range of frequencies, there is more control over the number of frequencies that can be modified.

Why You Need a Sound Equalizer

These days, we listen to music everywhere, so our environmental variables are always changing. Also, depending on the quality of our headsets, speakers or sound systems, tweaking sound frequencies via Equalizers can result into a better audio output. Some people love having a heavy bass, treble or a sound-wrapper effect, so whatever your audio output choice be, a Sound Equalizer app can help you accomplish it.

Best Equalizer Sound Booster Apps

There are several Sound Booster apps for Android. Some do not require root access, and can only do so much. Others require root access and provide comprehensive and in-depth audio output modification. We will proceed to analyze some of the best equalizer sound booster apps available on the Android OS. We will scrutinize their features and expose their limits and disadvantages, offering you more than enough information to be able to discern which one will perfectly suit your need. In no particular order, these are some of the best Volume Booster for Android::

1. Equalizer

equalizer sound booster

This is one of the best equalizer for Android. This app comes with a bass boost, sound amplifier, surround sound, and 11 presets for different musical genres. It is simple to use and very convenient, as it provides an Android widget, with which you can comfortably modify your equalizer on-the-go. The design of the app is impressive and you can also download custom themes, if you are so concerned about aesthetics.

Download Equalizer from the Playstore

2. Bass Booster

This is another very good Sound Booster for Android. This one comes with 20 presets for various musical genres. You can also decide to customize the presets, according to your specifications. Its design is neat, and the app navigation is very intuitive.

Download Bass Booster from the Playstore

3. Music Volume EQ

This volume booster for Android is free for all and contains 9 preset EQ profile. There is also the option of a virtualizer and a bass boost. For easy access, this app allows users add a widget to their homescreen. This is one of the most complete Sound Equalizer apps available for Android.

Download Music Volume EQ from the Playstore

4. Voodoo Sound

equalizer sound booster

This is a very notable Equalizer Sound booster app. It comes with both a headphone amplifier and a smart amplifier. This app allows you fix the volume of a particular sound to any level. It also has a bass booster for Android that allows you to amplify low-frequency sounds. However, this app will only work on your device if it uses a custom Android Kernel, which can implement the Voodoo patch.

Download Voodoo Sound

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5. MusicFX

This bass booster for Android is an extension of the stock Android music player. It supports a good number of presets for various musical genres. Its powerful 5-band equalizer allows you to increase the quality of your audio output. This app provides a bass boost and boasts of 3D experiences on headphones. This sound booster app requires Bluetooth access to perform enhancements.

Download Music FX from the Playstore

6. Winamp

This is a music player that also doubles as a Sound Equalizer for Android. It possesses a powerful 10-band equalizer that allows you to modify and optimize your audio output.

Download Winamp

7. AnEQ Equalizer Free

equalizer sound booster

This Sound Equalizer for Android is fully equipped with a 5-band equalizer that possesses several EQ presets. The presets allow you store and recall any setting you set on any audio file. This app is displayed in full screen. Its sleek design guarantees you do not miss out on any feature, as there are no hidden menus, and app operation is very intuitive.

Download AnEQ from the Playstore

8. Auvio EQ

This Sound Booster for Android is free and simple to use. You can customize and store presets on this Sound Equalizer app. This app possesses a bass booster for Android and reverb dials. Also, you can decide to get the AUVIO headphones, so as to get maximum compatibility.

Download AuvioEQ from the Playstore

9. Equalizer and Bass Booster

This is a very powerful Equalizer for Android with 5-band equalizer that has a bass boost and a 15-level Volume Booster for Android. It also possesses a surround sound control that ensures you have more power over your audio output. This app is also very simple and easy to use.

Download Equalizer and Bass Booster from the Playstore

10. Equalizer Music Player Booster

equalizer sound boosterThis is a three-in-one app that contains a bass booster, music player and a sound equalizer. The 5-band equalizer has 10 presets to choose from, ensuring good audio output, no matter the musical genre. However, this app does not work with streaming platforms like Spotify.

Download Equalizer Music Player Booster from the Playstore

11. Equalizer Ultra Booster EQ

This is one of the most powerful Sound Booster for Android available right now. It boasts of a 10-band equalizer, a virtualizer, bass and treble boost, as well as a reverb dial. However, the user interface design of this app could be better.

Download Equalizer Ultra Booster EQ from the Playstore


Equalizer Sound Booster apps undoubtedly have huge roles to play in our enjoyment of music. Now that you know the best ones available, you would be able to settle for your preferred Equalizer Sound Booster and feed your soul with good quality music.