We all know the kind of people with playlists full of love songs, some of them with cheesy lyrics and romantic tunes. Not everyone enjoys these loves songs for him and her but we have to admit that there are some songs about love that just sound really good and even have meaningful lyrics.

You might have been in situations when you were at a loss of words to express something to your loved ones and wished there was a song to do that for you. Well, there are. Girls, these are 10 of the best love songs for HIM:

Best Love Songs for Him

Love Songs for Him

1. Enchanted by Taylor Swift

First of all, everybody loves Swift’s voice. This love song is about her telling someone that she was enchanted to meet him. It has simple lyrics and a catchy tune. That someone is Adam Young of Owl City, who sang it back to Taylor Swift with a few changes including adding her name to it.

2. That’s When I Knew by Alicia Keys

This song has beautiful lyrics and the fact that it was sung by Alicia Keys makes it even better because she has a strong, beautiful voice. It is about how a girl fell in love with someone and the moment she realized it was in the middle of a conversation they were having.

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3. And Then There Was You by Norah Jones

This song is from the album Day Breaks (2016) by Norah Jones. It has only 14 lines and has an old school touch to it. Anybody would enjoy listening to the slow music and lyrics about how someone made her change her idea of love.

4. Halo by Beyonce

This is a song recorded by Beyonce for her third studio album, I am… Sasha Fierce (2008). It’s the kind of song you will instantly fall in love with. And it’s a perfect love song for “him” with lyrics like, “I got my angel now.”

5. You Da One by Rihanna

This song is from the album Talk That Talk (2011) by sensational star Rihanna. It’s all about loyalty to “the one” and how that one person is more special than anyone else.

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6. Another Love Song by Leona Lewis

This song is from the album I Am (2015) by Leona Lewis. It has fast music and the lyrics are about how she is surprised to have fallen in love and written another love song.

7. 23 by Shakira

This is a song about love at first sight and how loved ones are always there for each other. This love song for “him” is from an album named after the singer herself, Shakira (2014).

8. Home by Vanessa Carlton

The lyrics of this song about love are very sweet and meaningful. It is about how she feels “at home” when she is with the person she loves.

9. Make You Feel My Love by Adele

We all know Adele’s voice is one of a kind. This song about love will definitely give you the feels. It’s from the album 19 (2008).

10. Unconditionally by Katy Perry

What is the best kind of love? Unconditional love. And that’s what this song from the album Prism (2013) is about.