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how to write a song

How To Write A Song? Complete Guide

We all love music, and most times, we love to think about the amount of work it took artistes to write our favourite songs. Sometimes, we also...
Music Player for Android

20 Best Music Player for Android 2017

It goes without saying that our smartphones have changed the way we interact with music, bringing us closer to music. We can now listen to music instantly...
unblocked music sites

10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites For Schools, Colleges, Work Places 2017

As students, the essence of music in our lives cannot be overestimated. Music gets us through the tough times and helps us celebrate the good times. Even...
YouTube to mp3 converter

12 Best YouTube To Mp3 Converters 2017 : Convert YouTube Music Now

Unarguably one of the greatest inventions in recent times, YouTube has greatly affected the way video content is shared on the internet. But sometimes, you might need...
okay google what song is this

Identify Songs Using Okay Google Complete Guide

It is no doubt that music has permeated every facet of our lives. Whatever mood we are in, we still want to listen to music. But sometimes,...
equalizer sound booster

11 Best Equalizer Sound Booster Apps For Android 2017

Music is food for the soul, but what is food with a bad taste? The same applies to the audio quality and listening experience of music. The...
what song is this

What Song Is This? 10 Best Song Identifier Apps 2017

Why Song Identifier Apps? So you just heard a beautiful song on the radio or in a public place, and you instantly fall in love with it, thinking,...
Music Benefits For Health

6 Best Music Benefits For Health

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like music? It’s unlikely.  Billy Joel said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity....
Songs with Good Bass

Top 10 Songs with Good Bass

A lot of us enjoy the sound of bass. It drowns out the world and leaves you detached and feeling at peace, especially at times when you...
Love Songs for Him

10 Best Love Songs for Him [show your love to your girl]

We all know the kind of people with playlists full of love songs, some of them with cheesy lyrics and romantic tunes. Not everyone enjoys these loves...